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Favorite Things Forms for your teacher or staff member! 

Are you a CWE teacher or staff member? If you would like to fill out a form or edit your answers, please email, and we will send you the link!

Careylin Griffin, Food Service

Kevin Nelson, Head Custodian

Shelly Haynes, Night Custodian

Wijitha Seneviratne, Food Service

Ashlee Worrasangasilpa, Speech Language Pathologist

Belen Robasti, Family Resources

Cheryl Sadler, Office Manager

Cheryl Schultz, Office Secretary

Christopher Lindblom, Principal

Courtney McReady, Psychologist/Counselor

Kate Hodapp, Physical Therapist

Katie West, Psychologist

Kerri Grennan, Intervention Coordinator

Mackenzie Light, Occupational Therapist

Meaghan Casey, ML

Melissa Brown-Gibbons, Resource

Patrick Roach, Nurse

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